Dr Rev Marietjie Venter


About Marietjie

She has two Master’s Degrees, one in Old Testament and the other in Religious Studies, as well as a Doctorate in Religious Studies. Marietjie Venter was ordained within the New Thought Movement (USA - 1984) and was joint minister at the Association of Creative Thought, a Centre of Spiritual Awareness, in Port Elizabeth (until 1989). She continues her affiliation with ACT.

Her belief in universal spirituality has seen a growing number of modern couples flock to marriage officers such as Venter. She offers tailor-made spiritual ceremonies (weddings and civil unions - same-sex/gay, christenings and memorials) as she honors and respects the traditions and thoughts of her clients.

On her extensive travels she has had the privilege to meet with many spiritual leaders that have inspired her on her own path. From the traditional religious Zulu leader, Credo Mutwa, to His Holiness Swami Krishnapada, as well as her friend Roy Littlesun who she has met in Hopiland in Arizona and Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani and Yogacharini Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani in India. “Everyone that comes into my life, becomes my teacher”, she says.

Marietjie shares with people, through her servicces, ceremonies and classes, basic life-skills and how to apply them. "Although we are not always responsible for what is happening to us in life, we nevertheless always have the choice to choose our reaction. And within this choioce, lies our freedom and power", she says.

She was exposed from a young age to other cultures and religions through an enlightened mom. Together, they have run a yoga school in Port Elizabeth for many years. Today, classes are taught on a regular basis at the Anjali School of Yoga in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. Please view the Yoga page for more details.


Dearest Marietjie

Firstly - we absolutely loved every moment of the ceremony and the day. Your input before the wedding was so helpful and it really allowed us to focus on what was important. The words you spoke at the ceremony were also so relevant and so well chosen. We really appreciate the effort you put into preparing for our ceremony.

Secondly - we have received NUMEROUS compliments from our guests with regards to the way you conducted the ceremony. Both our sets of parents commented on it and several guests. One of our gay friends said he had always wondered what would be said at a same sex wedding and that he was very deeply moved by our ceremony. It seems to have been very personally significant for many people who were there, particularly other gay people. Karen's one aunt remarked that it was "the most beautiful wedding ceremony" she had ever heard. Karen and I are probably more than little biased but we agree with her :-). Megan & Karen

Dearest Marietjie

This is just a short thank you to let you know that we felt so blessed with the special role you played in our wedding. You really managed, in half an hour, to set the whole tone for our wedding - we wanted something formal, yet fun and that was exactly the message that you were able to convey. Immediately you were able to put both of us at ease on the day and many of our guests commented on how “real” the ceremony felt – that it was not just a preaching message, but a touching one that connected them to where they were in their own lives/marriages on the day.

One couple in particular wrote us a letter afterwards to thank us and we would like to share with you a little of what they said, “....in addition, Marietjie Venter was just so wonderful … both of us had a moment during the ceremony...”

In particular your warmth, professionalism, frankness and spiritedness was so special and we could not have imagined a more appropriate and fitting person to have married us. Thank you for our beautiful ceremony – we will always treasure the cherished moment! Lydia & Cedric

Dearest Marietjie

A thousand thank you's for making our day so special We have had a most gorgeous time over these past few days. Both our families and every friend that attended has all asked where I found you. You were inspirational and it was a great joy to have you present. Fondest Regards. Ian & Keith

Dearest Marietjie

Thank you for a truly beautiful ceremony and for marrying us in a way that means the world to us. Many people complimented us on the ceremony and said it was inspirational and touching. Alwyn & Bryony

Dearest Marietjie

Thank you very much for officiating our wedding ceremony. We really loved the personal and touching ceremony that you wrote for us and still get goose bumps thinking about it. Our wedding was such a meaningful and special day for both of us and our family and really appreciate all the thoughts that you put into our special day. Above and beyond your words was your very caring attentiveness to the ceremony. Thank you for being so wonderful to us and our families. We shall treasure the memory of that day. Even bigger thank you for assisting us with Home Affairs, without you, our day wouldn’t have been possible! Thank you for being so wonderful to us and our families. Mr & Mrs Farrow

Dearest Marietjie

Stuart and I both wanted to say the most heartfelt thank you for our wonderful wedding ceremony. The tone you set for the day was perfect and your words deeply touched us both - as well as all of our guests. We had so many comments from friends and family saying how lovely the ceremony was - you sent everyone away thinking about their own relationships and family. Joanne and Stuart

Dearest Marietjie

I want to thank you for helping us so much with Dad's 'graduation'. You gave us a lovely service and your wonderful stories and positive attitude was just great and what we all needed. Thank you for coming up to see us and being such a lovely person, and you really made it a memorable occasion. J & R

Dearest Marietjie

Jonathan and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the gift of the most beautiful ceremony. We were so, so touched by your words--as were all of our guests. Many friends told us how much they resonated with your heartfelt thoughts.

We absolutely loved being in the space you created. We can't thank you enough. We had an unforgettable day. Margo and Jonathan

Dearest Marietjie

Thank you so much for the most amazing service ... people have not stopped commenting on how meaningful it was and so befitting for Michael and I - thank you thank you!!!! M & V

Dearest Marietjie

It’s about a month ago we had the memorial service for my mom. It is my conviction that it was such a memorable session due to your love and light, your lightness in being imbedded in a solid grounded base ( i am searching for the translation of gegrond, geaard) and the special way you think and talk about processes of farewell.

The day started beautifully ..... and filled us more and more as the day grew, with thankfulness and love. And happiness that this was a beautiful way to honor a loved one.

I heard the story of one of two muslim colleagues of my sister that attended a 'christian' memorial service for the first time of their life. They were of course very interested in the way we honor our dead. After the ceremony this one lady knew for sure that this definitely was the way she wanted to go. That would mean quite something in her muslim family, her brother being an iman ( as far as i could make out), but the message was clear: this is it! so beautiful, caring, loving and just perfect. I would say that this is a great big complement for the way you are one with your own philosophy. And that this way of saying farewell touches people in their heart. …. Love, Cathinka

Hi Marietjie,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful special blessing service that you delivered for our son Sam. Everyone was very pleased; especially my mom who thought the entire day was very special. The service had something for everyone and truly reflected our unique personalities. All our love and best wishes, Sean & Yolanda (and baby Sam).