Non-Denominational ordained minister & Marriage Officer.



More and more people are feeling the need to truly and freely express their understanding of what they consider to be sacred and spiritual.

By taking the time to share in any ceremony with loved ones, we create an opportunity to join with them in the consciousness of love, life, light, honoring, gratitude and blessing. It becomes a moment of utter joy as we express, explain and share through the richness and fullness of symbols and ceremony.

Weddings - Anjali


Separate lives, individual memories, desires and hopes all come together in the name of Love. Couples embark upon a journey of mutual respect and honor, expressing the highest and the best that they know.

Christenings - Anjali


Also referred to as a Naming, Welcoming or Special Blessing ceremony, it provides a wonderful opportunity to welcome a soul to its existence on earth, as well as bestowing upon it all the blessings for its life’s journey.

Memorials - Anjali


This can be a truly uplifting ceremony – a celebration of one’s ultimate graduation into higher realms. It is such a privilege for loved ones to come together to celebrate the unique life of the deceased. To honor a new beginning and to wish them well in this adventure.

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