Personal Mentor

Personal Mentoring is tailor-made according to your special requirement/need.


Anjali offer Personal Mentoring Services

Thank you for trusting me with your journey. I can be of assistance with the following:

  • Healing past hurts
  • Replacing negative patterns of thinking and behaving with new and positive states of mind
  • Creating a happy, healthy and abundant life
  • Personal growth
  • Transformational and self-empowerment exercises and rituals
  • Mindful and conscious practices
  • The Science of Conscious Breathing (Pranayama) – this is where the Higher Mind kicks in
  • Energy & Polarity Exercises
  • Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga – the Royal Path to Spiritual Realization
  • Yoga Therapy classes – especially for those suffering from a specific physical or mental challenge
  • Relaxation and Stress Release practices
  • Guided Visualizations to assist you with specific “letting-go” and “healing” work
  • Forgiveness exercises and rituals
  • Personalized retreats (3-5 days)

All of the above, and many more, will be tailor-made according to your special requirement/need.

Academic Achievements

Master degrees in Old Testament and Religious Studies and a doctorate in Religious Studies.

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